Don't Assume You Won't Qualify for Finacial Assistance.

Many parents don't realize that they may qualify for financial assistance through the Educational Improvment Tax Credit (EITC) program.  Currently all of our scholarship funds are provided through the EITC program.  Here is a quick way to determine your eligibility for scholarship awards: Parents can make up to $50,000 then $10,000 additional is added for each dependent.

ODCS uses various organizations to provide financial assistance to eligible families.  Although there are other organizations we may later guide you to based on your particular needs, the scholarship organizations that provide the majority of ODCS scholarships are the Community Foundation of Greene County and the Penn Gift Foundation.  We recommend that you apply through these organizations first.  Please read the instructions below for information pertaining to these scholarship opportunities.  To access the financial aid applications, please use the links below.  Please contact us with any questions that you may have regarding financial assisitance.

Click here to access the Community Foundation of Greene County