Can Thesis Help Actually Help With My Thesis?

Our thesis is pretty much the thing on which our future depends on. If we don’t have a good thesis that will get us a good grade, not only will we not be able to go to a good master’s program, but we won’t be able to land a good job either. Sadly, most employers look at our college grade, and if they see that the final grade is below the average – well, you can kiss your dream job goodbye.

Since college students are busy by nature, essay writing services are pretty much God’s gift sent on earth. A good one can write your thesis and land you an A+ while they are at it too.

At the same time, though, they can also land you a grade so embarrassing, you’ll be afraid to show your face ever again. In this review, we will try to figure out whether or not is part of the good ones.

Pricing Matters

ThesisHelp prices start at $17 per page, which is just a little above the average. We paid $144 for our 8-page research paper, and we didn’t see any hidden fees there either. The clear price was pretty average, for a start.

Sadly, we could not find any discounts, regardless of how hard we looked. We could not find a promo code to break the price fir newcomers, nor were we able to find any coupon codes that loyal customers could use. When we asked the customer support, they told us that they occasionally release coupon codes and that all we had to do was to request it. However, there’s still the issue that you may or may not receive it.

The Quality We Received

Considering the money that we paid for the page, we expected the quality of the content to be at least above average. Indeed, our paper came on time and followed the instructions that we laid out; however, the quality of the writing and the resources used were less than appropriate.

Various customer reviews and testimonials expressed the same concerns that we did. The tone and style would only be appropriate for a high school student, and by no means for someone in college.

We did find something peculiar on their website, and that is the fact that customers can’t order pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage. While we don’t see any problem with personal beliefs, it’s unprofessional to refuse an academic-purposed paper like this simply because it doesn’t match your beliefs.


While we could not find any actual info on the writer’s expertise, we did manage to have a nice and polite chat with the one that was assigned to us. We asked for a revision, and the customer support offered it to us; sadly, the quality of the paper did not change even after the modifications.

Overall, we know that ThesisHelp is not fraud or scam, but we also know that it’s not worth the money. Our rating for them is very low, and if you are looking for something to get you a good grade, this is not it.

ThesisHelp review