What Essay Writing Services to Choose?

If you have no idea how to pick a decent essay writing service, just read the reviews. You have the customer reviews from where you can get a decent amount of information on what you can expect out of a particular company. Not enough? Well then, you can try our review.

In this article, we will take a look at a couple of writing companies that are popular. We will check the quality of their services, prices, discounts and so on.

Writers Per Hour

WriterPerHour review

WritersPerHour is an essay writing company that is open 24/7, and you can order anytime. We checked their site and their samples and found out that some examples do have plagiarized content. We wanted to see what kind of writers the company has, but they remained anonymous.

We decided to order a ten-page essay, and we received it after a short period. There were some errors, mainly typographical ones as if it was rushed in the last couple of minutes. We checked the testimonials and found out that a lot of customers complained about these types of errors.

Finally, we checked the prices. They are okay, but there were no coupon codes. A promo code was given only for side services like formatting, title pages, table of contents and others. We are disappointed with this service, and we do not recommend it to anyone.

Thesis Help

ThesisHelp review

ThesisHelp is quite old on the market. This service focuses on theses and dissertations, so we ordered just that. What we received was mind-blowing. The tone, the style, the way it was structured made this academic paper look as if it was a high-school essay.

No student would dare to present such a piece of work in a university. The customer reviews and the rating are mixed. However, the product was delivered on time, and it followed our instructions. The client support was okay and the prices are average. Sadly, there are no discounts, no promo codes or coupon codes.

All we can say is that a customer support representative told us that we could get a complete dissertation, a high-quality one in three days for a price of just 5,500 dollars. We think this is a method of scamming people.

A service will give you a poor paper, do nothing to improve it and when you are tired and desperate, they will offer you this genius alternative. While it may not be a fraud or scam, this company sure feels like it. It is mediocre, and we do not recommend it even for the desperate ones.


Essayroo review

EssayRoo is an Australian essay writing company that focuses primarily on students in the United Kingdom. The site is visually pleasing, easy to navigate through and there are no grammar errors whatsoever. The testimonials are great, and all in all, this sounds like a decent writing company.

So we ordered a research paper, and to our surprise, everything was top notch. The tone, the resources, the structure, everything was high quality. We contacted the customer support and no wonder there; they are professional and polite. The prices are average, and the discounts are amazing.

There is not enough praise for this site. After checking the reviews from other sites, we discovered that we are not the only ones that are pleased with this site. All in all, we recommend this company for its quality writing, excellent customer support and good prices.


As you can see, prices – low or high – do not dictate the quality of the service. For five or six mediocre companies, there is one that is fair and does what it advertises.