Terms and conditions:

We encourage families to make regular monthly payments toward their tuition account beginning in August and ending in May.  If payments are received by the 15th of each month there will be a $10.00 discount per student applied to your account


Multiple Student Discounts

1st child = Full Tuition

2nd child = 10% discount

3rd child = 15% discount

4th child = 20% discount

5th child = Free

NOTE: Discounts are applied per family.

Installment Schedule for Kindergarten (K4 & K5) - 12th grade.

Student     Registration      Monthly $       Yearly $

1st               $60.00              $235.00           $2350.00

2nd              $60.00              $211.50           $2115.00

3rd              $60.00               $199.75           $1997.50

4th              $60.00               $188.00           $1880.00

5th              Free                   Free                  Free

NOTE: Early re-enrollment fee is $40.00 to be paid before June 1.


NOTE: There may be additional fees applied throughout the school year such as assignment pad fee, lab fee, graduation fee, replacement book fee, etc.  If these are applicable to you, they will appear on your statement when necessary.